What is the Technology Marketplace?

C-TRAC’s Technology Marketplace is an online gathering place where innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, academia and government agencies connect while expanding the art of the possible.

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What is Technology Transfer?

Technology transfer is a brave new world, opening new pathways of discovery in our fast-paced digital age. Today, many companies, universities, and governmental organizations are dedicating entire departments to identify research where tech transfer has the potential for commercial interest and utilization.

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C-TRAC Showcases Technology Marketplace at New Mexico Manufacturing Summit

C-TRAC and the Technology Marketplace attended a manufacturing event in Albuquerque called C-Level @ 5000': Summit on Advancing NM's Manufacturing Community. This event was planned as the first of what is expected to be New Mexico Manufacturing Extension Partnership's annual summit.

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Download White Paper: Technology Transfer Playbook

From the FLC website: "...a playbook of key “plays” drawn from best practices at federal laboratories across the country to share the efforts and authorities that are currently being utilized to improve the technology transfer process." Read More


WANTED: More Books on Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer is not a terribly familiar idea to a great many people, so we went out on Amazon to see what books are available on the subject. A big surprise was how few there are: less than one page total of relevant hits, spread across a couple of pages. Another surprise was how many of them are deeply academic collections of research papers and essays and, at well over $100, priced solely for university collections. Read More


Interview with DoD Licensing Expert Dr. Brian Metzger

C-TRAC speaks with Dr. Brian Metzger about his facilitation of the recent Innovation Discovery Event held at the Catalyst Campus in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Read More


Think Twice Before Pulling the Plug on Tech Transfer

An insightful article about the risks of adopting some current "half-baked theories" regarding technology transfer, originally published by IPWatchdog.com Oct. 3, 2017. Read More


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Fast Rope Insertion and Extraction System (FRIES) – with Lt. Col. Cory Cooper of USAFA Read More


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