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Bayh-Dole has been a success story for emerging technologies

Think Twice Before Pulling the Plug on Tech Transfer 

by Joseph Allen, originally published by IPWatchdog.com on Oct. 3, 2017

Bayh-Dole has been a success story for many new invention ideas and innovative technologies. Why are some policymakers trying to rethink it?

Every few years, policymakers start sniffing around the Bayh-Dole Act of 1980, designed to encourage the commercialization of the innovative invention ideas, the latest technologies, and the other technological advances made with federal dollars. 

This IPWatchdog article outlines convincingly, and in great detail, the many ways in which Bayh-Dole has done great things for American technologies and inventions. In fact, after Bayh-Dole was implemented, the United States quickly began to lead the world in technological innovation.

Proposals to alter Bayh-Dole by adding various restrictions and enforcing per-patent revenue goals for universities merely reveal the policymakers' ignorance of the technology transfer process.  Innovative new technologies and invention ideas as they spring from labs are often half-baked, and the greater percentage never prove to be commercially viable. This is normal, and a part of the creative process that underlies even the most scientific of investigations. The various proposals to "improve" Bayh-Dole by adding revenue requirements and other stifling objectives will simply shut down the impetus behind the very process Bayh-Dole is designed to encourage. If revenue must be squeezed  from most patents, with a per-patent metric for administrators to meet, many great ideas will fail to be pursued for fear of that metric. The objective of pursuing science and emerging technologies for their own sake will be discarded, and the intellectual freedom inherent to the university system will be undermined.  

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