Jun 04

Rear Admiral Liz Young, USN (Ret): Why the DoD Is Focused on PNT (VIDEO)

Another Successful Technology Showcase

Another successful Technology Showcase, this one was designed to explore PNT alternatives in a GPS-denied environment, per a directive from Congress to decrease the military's over-reliance on GPS technology. The Showcase was sponsored by C-TRAC, CyberWorx and the TechMarketplace. 

Here, Rear Admiral Liz Young, USN (ret), explains why the DoD is so focused on PNT right now, and the various ways GPS may be vulnerable today.

Catalyst Accelerator has opened applications for companies to join their Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) Innovation Cohort. The Air Force is looking for a suite of options to augment, supplement, backup, complement, and/or improve current PNT capabilities provided by GPS. Go to http://www.catalystaccelerator.space/ for more information .

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