Feb 06

Technology Transfer Playbook Helps Entrepreneurs Find Emerging Technologies

FLC "playbook" for helping entrepreneurs commercialize innovative government technologies

Federal labs work hard to produce innovative technologies, but how can they get entrepreneurs and industry to invest in commercializing their inventions? This manual offers a 26-page playbook of outreach ideas that will interest both the entrepreneur and the various federal labs.

Government-driven invention ideas and technological advances continue to move forward in the blink of an eye, and a complex landscape of federal laboratories makes it difficult for tech scouts, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and private industry to learn about emerging technologies that will solve their problems or prove to be that great new innovation worth investing in. 

The free downloadable PDF contains 15 suggested "plays" that will assist the labs in getting the word out about their offerings, not just to the above mentioned interested parties, but also well beyond the arena of simple commercialization. For example, some of the research being done in these labs can benefit the public health and safety nationwide, and needs to be in the individual hands of local town supervisors everywhere. Disseminating a new technology or databases of valuable information at such a micro level is one of the many special challenges confronted by the federal labs, and the playbook offers up some interesting ideas for ensuring that new technologies emerging from these labs make their way to those whom they will benefit most. 

Entrepreneurs and industry will also gather ideas for alternative avenues of entry into the government tech transfer process, such as keeping an eye out for prize competitions, one of the suggested efforts you will find in this fascinating manual of technology transfer.

The T2 Playbook is published by the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) and can be downloaded below:



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