PNT Technology Showcase


Jon us for a Technology Showcase designed to explore PNT alternatives to our vulnerable GPS systems, per a directive from Congress to decrease the military's over-reliance on GPS technology, sponsored by C-TRAC, CyberWorx and the TechMarketplace. .

Protect the Latest Inventions and Technological Advances


Bayh-Dole has been a success story for new inventions and the latest technological advances. Why are some policymakers trying to rethink it? An insightful article about the risks of adopting some current "half-baked theories" regarding technology transfer, originally published by Oct. 3, 2017.

Technology Transfer Playbook Helps Entrepreneurs Find Emerging Technologies


Federal labs work hard to produce innovative technologies, but how can they get private industry to invest in commercializing their inventions? This manual offers a 26-page playbook of outreach ideas that will interest both the entrepreneur and the various federal labs.

What is Technology Transfer?


Technology transfer is a brave new world, opening exciting pathways of discovery in our fast-paced digital age. Today, many companies, universities, and governmental organizations are dedicating entire departments to identify innovative new technologies and invention ideas where tech transfer has the potential to spawn a commercially viable product.

What is the Technology Marketplace?


A database of the latest innovative technologies and invention ideas for the successful entrepreneur, the Technology Marketplace is an online gathering place where entrepreneurs, investors, academia and government agencies come together to facilitate tech transfer.

Tech Transfer Primer from AUTM: Commercializing the Latest Emerging Technologies (VIDEO)


An animated short video from the Association of University Technology Managers website describes technology transfer -- how an entrepreneur takes the latest innovative technology or invention idea from first conception to full commercialization.

APLU Report: Align Technological Innovation with Local Business Ecosystem


In recent technology transfer news, a Nov 2017 report from the APLU places a strong emphasis on re-evaluating the ways university technology transfer offices measure success, focusing on using the latest innovative technologies and new inventions to boost local economic development as part of a university’s responsibility during the tech transfer process.

WANTED: More New Books on Technology Transfer


What books are available on the subject of technology transfer? After all, acquiring the latest innovative technologies or recent scientific inventions is a complex process for the successful entrepreneur, and a handbook of instructions would be helpful.

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