FIRE-SFIRE-STOP ROCKETS - Precision guided, electric (Rutherford engine) powered, electron beam melted assembly. Novel public protection: fire fighting payload rocket delivery system.

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An electric rocket propelled delivery of immediate fire suppression (fire-stop) from dry chemical payloads delivered during high-wind (i.e. conventional aircraft grounded) and to remote location fire events (Forest Fires).   Propulsion of multiple rocket launches (MRLS) by (non volatile) electric motors from/thru a variety of precision guidance systems to suppress fires when too dangerous for field/wild land fire fighting assaults by trucks, tankers, and firefighting crews.  High Santa Anna wind speeds, drought, and frequent fires (California: Thomas, Creek, Rye, Little Mtn, Skirball, Lilac, etc.)  prompt new technology deployment for higher intensity events.

Hot Shot - Fire Stop Rockets