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DIUx is accepting solution briefs ( in response to the solicitation(s) below during the indicated time periods. Submissions received after indicated time periods will not be considered. Submissions accepted from 11/7/2017 09:00 to 11/21/2017 17:00 PT

  1. Space Situational Awareness: DIUx is seeking mature commercial solutions from U.S. companies to address the ability to view, characterize, and predict the changing physical location of natural and manmade objects in orbit around the Earth. This initiative will explore augmenting the U.S. Air Force's current Space Situational Awareness/Battle Management, Command, & Control (SSA/BMC2) architecture with a commercial layer. Areas of interest include catalog maintenance; routine and/or dynamic sensor tasking; conjunction assessment; processing of events such as launches, maneuvers, anomalies, and breakups; and any other SSA/BMC2 mission. Proposed solutions should be offered in the form of a commercial business model (e.g., commercial services, subscription, or software license) and be capable of a functional demonstration within 90 days of award. Proposals should address the use of, and requirements for, any commercial or other data, describe any additional network access requirements, and include an initial high-level operational concept and a construct for prototype demonstration.

Companies are hereby advised of the following:

  1. Solicitation for solution briefs is not a guarantee that award and obligation of funds will be made.
  2. The costs incurred by companies in the preparation and submission of their solution briefs in response to solicitations will not be paid by the DoD and are not allowable as a direct charge to any DoD contract or agreement.
  3. By submission of its solution brief, the company agrees that the DoD
    1. may reproduce the brief, or any portions thereof, to the extent necessary to evaluate the offer.
    2. may use information contained in the brief only for evaluation purposes and shall not disclose, directly or indirectly, such information to any person including potential evaluators, unless that person has been authorized to receive such information.