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Patent US8404650


The invention provides therapeutically effective compounds for the prevention and treatment of cancer and pharmaceutical compositions containing these compounds as well as methods of using and administering these compounds. The invention also includes methods of activating a prodrug of these therapeutically effective compounds by the administration of a peptide-directed targeting construct that delivers a prodrug-activating enzyme to a target activation site.

Patent US8431376


Reconstituted bacterial replication assemblies and methods for their use are provided.

Patent US7469454


A technique for reducing the vibration sensitivity of laser-stabilizing optical reference cavities is based upon an improved design and mounting method for the cavity, wherein the cavity is mounted vertically. It is suspended at one plane, around the spacer cylinder, equidistant from the mirror ends of the cavity. The suspension element is a collar of an extremely low thermal expansion coefficient material, which surrounds the spacer cylinder and contacts it uniformly. Once the collar has been properly located, it is cemented in place so that the spacer cylinder is uniformly supported and does not have to be squeezed at all. The collar also includes a number of cavities partially bored into its lower flat surface, around the axial bore. These cavities are support points, into which mounting base pins will be inserted. Hence the collar is supported at a minimum of three points.

Patent US7828451


Methods and apparatus are disclosed for occulting light. The occulter shape suppresses diffraction at any given size or angle and is practical to build because it can be made binary to avoid scatter. Binary structures may be fully opaque or fully transmitting at specific points. The diffraction suppression is spectrally broad so that it may be used with incoherent white light. An occulter may also include substantially opaque inner portion and an at least partially transparent outer portion. Such occulters may be used on the ground to create a deep shadow in a short distance, or may be used in space to suppress starlight and reveal exoplanets.

Patent US7931824


A modular surfactant architecture based on room temperature ionic liquids (RTILs) has been developed that affords non-polymerizable and polymerizable amphiphiles that form lamellar (L), hexagonal (H) or bicontinuous cubic (Q) LLC phases when mixed with water or RTILs serving as the polar solvent. The amphiphiles are imidazolium salts having two or more imidazolium head groups joined by one or more spacers. Polymerization of the LLC assembly can produce polymeric materials having ordered nanopores, with the ordering of the pores determined by the LLC phase.

Patent US7977994


A hybrid digital pulse width modulator (DPWM) with digital delay-locked loops (DLLs) is provided. In this implementation, the digital pulse-width-modulator is synthesizable and includes a digital delay-locked loop around a delay-line to achieve constant frequency clocked operation. In this implementation, the resolution of the modulator is consistent over a wide range of process or temperature variations. The DPWM may implement trailing-edge, leading-edge, triangular, or phase-shift modulation. In an implementation suitable for DC-DC converters with synchronous rectifiers, for example, the DPWM may include two or more outputs for programmable dead-times. In another implementation, a digital pulse-width-modulator with a digital phase-locked loop is also provided.

Patent US8384365


An architecture is described for digital multi-phase modulators (MPM) that leads to an efficient, high performance hardware realization. The combined modulator, switching phases and output filter can be viewed as a multi-level digital to analog converter with high power output, or a power D/A, and concepts used in D/A converters are leveraged to achieve high performance and hardware efficiency. The modulator can be split into three functional blocks including a decoder that determines how many phases are on at any time, a selector that determines which phases are on at any time, and a single high resolution module that is time shared among all phases. The resulting architecture scales favorably with a large number of phases, fs, facilitates fast update rates of the input command well above the single phase switching frequency and is compatible with a wide range of known DPWM techniques for the LSB module and resolution-enhancement techniques such as dithering or Σ-Δ modulation.

Patent US8992906


Embodiments herein relate to compositions and methods for engraftment of and increasing survival of muscle cells in a subject in need thereof. In certain embodiments, compositions including myofibers and/or satellite stem cells may be administered to a subject. Other embodiments relate to compositions and methods for introducing one or more compounds to a subject using cell compositions disclosed herein. Still other embodiments relate to uses of these compositions in kits for portable applications and methods.

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